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Vendor: ION

ION's Element 5/4 is by far the best entry-level wetsuit from a leading brand out there. Not only it's super stretchy thanks to premium neoprene but it's also the first wetsuit at this price point that's fully lined with Silk Stuff throughout the whole suit and Hot Stuff 2.0 thermo lining in the crucial core parts.

This directly translates into additional warmth - be it on a SUP, in the surf or when kitesurfing. We're absolutely blown away by the tech inside this surprisingly sub-£200 wetsuit!

Element Backzip models feature additional protection pads at the shins as well as detachable leg loops to prevent water from rushing into the suit.

ROBUST: Nylon and Supra_Tex protection

PRICE VALUE: Entry-level suits don‘t have to be boring!

HOT_STUFF 2.0: The Hot_Stuff 2.0 comes with a plushier feel due to larger loops that trap more air for heat insulation. It is the stretchiest thermo lining in ION‘s entire range.

SILK_STUFF: Smooth inside lining for a comfortable feeling on bare skin. Despite its snuggly appearance it proves to be really hard core when it comes to the interior‘s superb flexible characteristics.

SEAM_REINFORCEMENT: All stress points are reinforced and secured by melco tape from the inside to ensure a longer lifespan of the seams.

WATER_GATE: Extra panel on the inside that seals off the back zipper and acts as a barrier preventing water from rushing into the wetsuit.

ION Element Wetsuit Size Guide