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Sku: mb-alb-98
Vendor: MB Boards

There are some wing boards that just scream performance. The MB Boards Albatros 3.2 is probably the most universal board around. It's very compact, light and perfectly dialled in for both beginners and advanced riders alike.

Developed in collaboration with one of the best wing boarders in the world, Balz Müller, MB has designed a wing board that provides loads of comfort in any conditions and inspires confidence to try new tricks.

MB Boards Albatros 3.2 comes in three sizes - 58, 98 and 118 litres. The larger boards are ideal for learning basics or as cruising machines - be it flat water or waves. They are stable on take offs, take touch downs with ease thanks to the bevel running along the rail and allow for an easy progression.

The 58 litre model is designed for the freestylers amongst us in mind. It's an insanely lively, light and durable board making aerial manoeuvres effortless... well, almost!

The MB Albatros 3.2 comes complete with:

  • 3 footstraps
  • Double US-boxes specifically reinforced
  • Central position option of the front strap for a true surfing experience
  • Free Boardbag!

MB Boards Albatros Specs:

  • 58 litres - 4'6" / 138cm Long, 23 5.8" / 60cm Wide, 5.7kg Weight
  • 98 litres - 5'2" / 158cm Long, 27 1.83"/ 70cm Wide, 7.8kg Weight
  • 118 litres- 5'10" / 177cm Long, 31 1.3" / 79.5cm Wide, 9.2kg Weight



MB Albatros 3.2 Size Guide:

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