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Sku: 10201
Vendor: MBS

Discover the MBS Core 94: Your Ultimate Lightweight Freestyle Board for Land Kiteboarding and Beyond.

Experience the exhilaration of land kiteboarding and advanced freestyling with the extraordinary MBS Core 94. Crafted to perfection, this board seamlessly fuses a compact deck with the prowess of All Terrain Skate (ATS) trucks, Fivestar hubs, and a revamped F5 ratchet binding system, resulting in an exceptionally agile and featherlight board.

Ideal for aspiring mountainboard enthusiasts seeking a dynamic experience, the Core 94 presents a shorter deck paired with ATS trucks, ensuring a remarkable balance between control and agility. Embrace the thrill of freestyling like never before as you command this lightweight masterpiece.

Designed with young mountainboard aficionados in mind, the Core 94 addresses the challenge of hefty boards. Its lightweight composition is a dream come true, offering both ease of use and the promise of future upgrades to high-end MBS components as your skills advance. This board not only caters to the rising stars but also transforms into a splendid lightweight kitelandboard suitable for adults of all expertise levels.

MBS has redefined the concept of a freestyle board with the Core 94, integrating top-tier components seamlessly at an unbeatable price point. Unleash your potential with this exceptional board, and experience a world of unmatched excitement and performance. Get ready to dominate the terrain with the MBS Core 94.

Main Features:

  • ATS Skate Trucks
  • Fivestar Hubs
  • Powerlam Construction Deck (Surlyn Base)
  • Lowered deck for lower centre of gravity
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • T3 8" lightweight tyres
  • F5 Ratchet Bindings

    • Overall Weight: 5.9kg / 13.0lbs
    • Overall Length: 108.0cm / 42.5"
    • Axle to Axle Length: 88.0cm / 34.6"
    • Deck Length: 94.0cm / 37"
    • Deck Construction: Powerlam Construction Deck (Surlyn Base)
    • Deck Stiffness: 4 / 5
    • Deck Tip Angle: 20 degrees
    • Truck Width: 40cm / 15.8"
    • Axle Diameter: 12mm
    • Bearings: 12 x 28mm