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Sku: M19H-GEM-JL.8
Vendor: Mystic

Mystic Gem Jalou Langeree - 2022/23 Women's Harness

The new GEM series of women harnesses from Mystic are designed with specific body mapping in mind. This creates a stiff horizontal support - i.e. stiffness from left to right side of the harness - making your sessions longer and much more comfortable. The Bionic Core Frame (BCF) distributes the pull from the kite evenly over your lower back because the BCF keeps its c-shape even during the strongest of pulls.

Just like the Majestic Series, the roving glass fibres are constructed in multiple layers. The specific fibre orientation allows the wings to flex diagonally providing better and more natural wrap around your body. While the compression and impact resistance are higher, the weight-stiffness ratio is is slightly lower compared to the carbon Majestic X series. If you're looking for the top-of-the-end women's harness - this is it. Did we mention that it looks sick?

Size Guide:

Mystic Gem Jalou Langeree - 2019 Women's Harness - Size Guide

Key Features:

- Bionic Core Frame
- Fix Foam
- Soft neoprene edges
- Flexcovers
- HP system with reinforced guidance holes
- Key pocket 2.0: keyloop with mini-buckle
- Developed with Jalou Langeree
- Made with new Knitflex material