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Sku: mystic-stealth-harness-5
Vendor: Mystic

Mystic Stealth Kiteboarding Waist Harness

Mystic's newest creation is set to be world's best harness. Building on the amazing Majestic X the Mystic Stealth is built using non-water absorbing foam making it super light and easy to travel with. It utilises the well-proven bionic frame that wraps around the body and doesn't allow the harness to move around - even more so with the use of foam instead of neoprene on the inside of the frame. It's like a successful marriage between the Majestic X and the super-light Legend. If you're looking for one harness that's super comfy, doesn't twist or ride up and stands the test of time - the Mystic Stealth is the way to go.

It comes as either:

  • Shell only - if you already have a spreader bar;
  • With Mystic's Stealth Hook;
  • With Mystic's Stealth Surf Rope.




  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Fly mold 2.0
  • Non-water absorbing Flexagon Drytech
  • Light weight material
  • Battle belt 2.0: integrated safety knife pocket
  • Flexcovers
  • HP system with reinforced guidance holes
  • Key pocket 2.0: keyloop with mini-buckle


  • Carbon composite

Mystic Stealth Harness Size Guide:

Mystic Stealth Kitesurfing Harness Size Guide