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Onewheel Pint - OneWheel


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Onewheel Pint - OneWheel

Introducing Onewheel Pint. The take it to go, fun-sized stoke machine that fits in your life. Perfect for coffee runs, commute hacking and defeating boredom. This thing is way too much fun and gets you where you're going. We've always wanted to share the Onewheel riding experience with more folks and at $950, Pint is the most affordable and easy-to-ride Onewheel yet. But don't be fooled, riding this beaut is an absolute blast. Nimble, carvy and responsive, Pint feels like whipping a rally car through​ the streets of Europe. Yeehaaaaw!

The Onewheel Pint is the little brother of the Onewheel XR. This unicycle works entirely on body movements. This means that you give gas, brake and turn by balancing. Due the advanced control system of the Onewheel Pint you can drive it after a few minutes of practice. Driving on an Onewheel gives a unique experience, it feels like snowboarding or surfing on the roads. Because of the thick tire you can use the Onewheel on all types of terrains like grass, beach, gravel and pavements. The Onewheel Pint achieves a top speed of 26 km per hour and goes up to 13 kilometers on a full battery. The Onewheel comes with an app where you can read all important information and parameters. The Onewheel Pint is also equipped with front and back lighting so you are clearly visible in the dark.

Onewheel Pint

  • Hypercore Brushless Motor
  • No Remote (Lean To Go)
  • Intelligent Led Lights
  • 16mph / 26Kph Top Speed
  • Crush Hills
  • Up To 6-8mi / 10-13km
  • Range Stop On A Dime
  • App Connected