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Sku: ow-pint-ultracharger
Vendor: Onewheel
Let's face it - none of us is really patient. No matter what you put down in your CV, when you're ready to walk out the door and your Onewheel Pint is at 15% you're not gonna be a happy bunny. This is where the Pint Ultracharger steps in juicing up the Pint in just 50 minutes - from nada to a hundred. We think it's pretty neat!

NB. It comes with a UK plug of course!

Some Q and A:

Can my OW Pint be left plugged in overnight?
Absolutely - it's healthy for the battery to left on charge for a longer time. Try doing that every few weeks, it will help to balance up the batteries and make them live longer.

Does fast charging hurts the Onewheel battery?
It doesn't. Guys at Onewheel designed the chargers in a way that's safe to use with the boards' batteries. So you can juice them at a speed of light with no worries.

Is it big?
Nah, not much bigger than your standard one - 8.50 in. × 4.00 in. × 2.50 in. if you want to measure up your backpack!

Please note: This Ultracharger is compatible with the Onewheel Pint only. If you're looking for a fast way to get you Onewheel XR juiced up check this one out.