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Sku: Onewheel Pint X Blue
Vendor: Onewheel

Onewheel Pint X is now faster and offers longer rides. We absolutely loved the original Pint but this little thing became a beast in the newest iteration. The difference in torque when tested back to back is breathtaking. Not to mention the increased range of up to 18 miles. Combined with manoeuvrability and portability the Pint was known for it's a no-brainer if you don't want a large board like the GT. 

Our team has been riding Onewheels for the last few years and if you live nearby our store in Edinburgh feel free to drop in for an intro or a demo session on either Pint X or the GT. We'll show you the ropes, pour you some decent coffee (or tea!) and get you riding in no time.

We also offer custom packages, so if the one you're after isn't listed above let us know and we'll put something together for you.

In a nutshell the new Onewheel Pint X:

  • has an increased range to 12-18 miles per charge,
  • has an increased top speed of up to 18mph,
  • same epic Onewheel Pint feel and small form factor we all love!



If you want a Onewheel that's easy to live with, easy to carry around, store and to whip around tight corners without sacrificing the range the new Onewheel Pint X is the way to go. Best of all - you can demo the board at our store in Scotland. We'll show you the ropes in our spacious parking lot and nearby paths.

  • Range: up to 18 miles
  • Top speed: 18 mph

We all ride Onewheels at our store - so if you have any questions - hit us up and we'll be happy to answer all questions you have.