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Sku: ow-hypercharger
Vendor: Onewheel

Don't have the time to wait when charging up the OneWheel XR? Here comes the Hypercharger. Name seems tacky? It's not cause it's true! The new XR Home Hypercharger hyperjuices your XR hoverboard from zero to hero in less than an hour. So you can get zooming sooner than your pumpking-spiced, oat-cream, sugar-free syrup latte is made. Pretty epic, right? That's half the time the standard charger takes to get it juiced up!

Q: Can I leave my board plugged in overnight?
A: Yes. You can leave your board plugged in without issue. In fact, it is healthy for the battery to be left on for an extended period of time (overnight, etc.) every couple of weeks to balance the battery’s charge.

Q: Will the XR Hypercharger hurt my board’s battery?
A: Nope! We designed the Onewheel chargers to regulate the charge delivered to the battery, so faster charging from the XR Hypercharger will not affect the long term health of the battery.

Q: How big is the XR Hypercharger? Can I take it with me on the go?
A: Sure thing! The Hypercharger has dimensions of 11.00 in. × 4.50 in. × 4.00 in. and is on the larger side but since it can charge your board in under an hour it’s a must have for fast charging on the go