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Sku: oshea-xo-10
Vendor: O'Shea

O'Shea has been shaping boards for years and their no-nonsense approach has produced some of the best-priced boards on the market.

  • The O'Shea XOver series are made for those who are looking for an all-round shape at a reasonable price. These boards are made to work both for cruising in flat water and catching waves with ease.
  • Strong EPXII Epoxy construction coupled with futures True Flex lamination layup makes them durable and provide the ideal flex to stiffness ratio whilst keeping the board lightweight.
  • All of the O'Shea XOver boards come with a thruster (2+1) fin setup for easy tracking in the straight line but also allowing the board to be thrown around when surfing waves.
  • It's a do-it-all board for anyone getting into SUP'ing for the first time or wanting a SUP that will cover all conditions.



  • O'Shea XOver 10'0" x 31.5" x  155 litres
  • O'Shea XOver 10'6" x 32" x 155 litres
  • O'Shea XOver 11'2" x 32" x 165 litres