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Naish Phoenix 2023 Kite Black and Blue

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The Naish Phoenix 2023 is poised to take the big air and hangtime to the next level!  With it's unique high V and 5 strut design - the open arc kite delivers the power to take you up into the air and keep you there; designed for kiters in search of massive boosts. 

With a fixed bridal set up and Quad Tex canopy it will provide you with the easiest way to glide through the sky.


 Naish is proud to introduce the latest addition to the kitesurf kite line up: the Naish Phoenix 2023 kite. The Naish Phoenix is all about being able to jump as easily as possible, as high as possible and as far as possible. A super accessible big air kite that everyone will easily break their big air record with!

When you think of Naish and big air, you immediately think of the Naish Pivot. But the new Phoenix takes this up a notch. Where the Pivot gives quite fast and explosive lift to your max height, the Phoenix does this more gradually. The result is a more controlled lift, more hang time and greater jump distance.

The biggest difference between the Phoenix and Pivot is obvious. The Naish Phoenix 2023 has a five strut profile with a more open shape and longer wingtips. As mentioned, the advantage of this is: more gradual lift and more hang time. And that's not all. There is another advantage, because of the unique shape of the Naihs Phoenix, this kite has a huge sweet spot where the kite creates maximum lift. This allows almost anyone to jump high very easily and perfection of timing to go as high as possible is less important than with the Pivot.

The canopy of the Naish Phoenix is made of the super strong Quad Tex Ripstop kitesurf cloth which is known as one of the strongest on the market. This makes the Phoenix feel direct. The bridle system on the LE of the Phoenix uses a pully less system and thus a direct attachment to the steering- and power lines. Unique to the Naish Phoenix in the Naish kite line-up is the possibility of flying on a high V split of the power lines. A High V adapter is included with the Phoenix so that the shape of the Phoenix can be adjusted. If you want to sail the Phoenix at a high V, you can install it super simple. The result of this is that the kite gets a little more C-shape, so that the Phoenix will steer faster and could even do a megaloop.

Features Naish Phoenix

  • Naish Phoenix 2023 Kite
  • Big Air | Hang Time Machine
  • High V Adapter
  • Five sturt design
  • Quad Tex Ripstop cloth
  • Aramid Patches
  • Molded Strut Ends
  • EVA bumpers
  • Fixed bridle setup
  • Include bag

  • Naish Phoenix 2023 Kite Black and Blue - Skymonster Watersports
    Naish Phoenix 2023 Kite Black and Blue - Skymonster Watersports