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Sku: riley-rs2
Vendor: Riley

Ride with confidence, Long-lasting Panasonic detachable Battery. Puncture resistant Tyres. Lightweight Aviation grade Aluminium alloy frame. UK company Riley have produced a superb e-scooter, the RS2, it has all the brilliant features it smaller sibling the RS1 has, but with the added bonus of a much larger battery, where up to 45km is achievable under the right conditions, using a powerful 36V 350w motor, and the reliability and extra long life Panasonic battery.

Onboard computer for speed and battery range LCD display & 10 inch tubeless, pneumatic tyres for maximal shock absorption, triple Braking System, Ride fast & in-control with three brakes; a hydraulic disc brake, E-ABS brake & pedal brake.

Quickly and easily replace the powerful Panasonic battery, which fits perfectly in your backpack.

Range: Up to 45km

Triple Braking System

Ride fast & in-control with three brakes; a hydraulic disc brake, E-ABS brake & pedal brake.

Disk Brake
The High performing Disk brake gives you strong brake power in both dry and wet climates.

E-ABS Brake
The onboard E-ABS brake helps you regulate speed going downhill, while also recharging the battery.

Pedal Brake
For additional peace of mind, the Pedal Brake helps you grind to a halt.


Color Aviation Black, Brilliant Black
Speed 25km/h | 15.5mph
Weight Lightweight Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy - 15 kg
Battery range 28 miles / 45 km Based on standard testing regulations with a 75kg / 12st rider at 25 degrees celsius ambient temperature, on a stable surface.
Charging time Approx. 5 hours
Included in box Scooter, Battery, Charger, Allen key and Manual
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty — Learn more
Drive Modes Three Drive Modes (Beginner, Standard, Pro)