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Sku: sic-rs-air-glide-26
Vendor: SIC Maui

SIC Maui has been shaping some of the fastest SUP boards in the world. They've helped numerous riders to score gold across all sorts of SUP races. With the constant growth of UK and international events there's a need for a high quality race SUP that you can travel with. And the SIC RS Air is definitely one of our favourites.

Adopted from their RS Composite series, it's designed to be the fastest board on the market. The board is made out of SIC Maui's own tech Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) making the board stiff in the water - aided by the use of Carbon-infused belt on the top and bottom of the board. We were blown away by how stiff the board actually feels even under pretty heavy riders. The board also features a Carbon Fusion Lite (CFL) - a very lightweight, low stretch, high tensile skin material.

It comes in either SIC 14'0" x 26" or 14'0" x 28" for those carving more stability in choppy conditions. Designed to be an all-water board - so designed for both flat water racing and open waters it's superbly stable in both sizes.

The 28" model is also amazing for touring with added stability and unparalleled glide, making exploration much easier. Also, it's your one paddle stroke versus your mates four. Just saying. It's also got bungee on the nose area for carrying a dry bag full of essentials - either for racing or touring.

The SIC 14'0" x 26" RS Air Glide Specs:

  • Length - 14'0" feet / 426.7 cm
  • Width - 26" inches / 66 cm
  • Weight - 24.3 lbs / 11 kg
  • Volume - 320 Litres
  • Fin set up - Single US Fin Box

The SIC 14'0" x 28" RS Air Glide Specs:

  • Length - 14'0" feet / 426.7 cm
  • Width - 28" inches / 71.1 cm
  • Weight - 24.7 lbs / 11.2 kg
  • Volume - 350 Litres
  • Fin set up - Single US Fin Box