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Sku: DW-AT/M75
Vendor: Spinlock

Designed for paddleboarding, kayaking, powerboating, fishing and a wide range of water sports the ALTO is a lightweight, compact, inflatable flotation device worn around the waist.

Manually operated, the inflatable tube is released from the waist pack and then supports the user under the arms and around the chest. ALTO is a simple, easy to use, tiny inflatable pack, that feels invisible when worn, yet is certified as a 50N Buoyancy Aid.

This is ideal as it allows arms to be completely free when paddling, rowing etc while still allowing a degree of safety should the wearer get into trouble on the high seas (or inshore lakes and reservoirs!).

Available in various colours from high visibility florescent orange, to more discreet grey and black, when deployed, the inflated device is bright yellow to aid in any emergency scenario.