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Starboard Ace Downwind Foil Board 2024

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Embrace the latest in downwind innovation with the all-new Starboard Ace Foil. Whether you're conquering waves, mastering wing boarding, or navigating the seas with a surfboard, the Ace Foil is your ultimate companion.

Delivery: Due to insane amount of enquiries, please get in touch before placing an order. Our next shipment arrives early May 2024.

Unparalleled Design: The Ace Foil features the iconic pin-tail design, ensuring efficient takeoff and precise tracking downwind. Its teardrop outline mirrors nature's most streamlined shape, providing a flat, stable, and connected feel over the foil. This board isn't just designed; it's engineered to perfection.

Versatile Performance: More than just a downwind specialist, the Ace Foil proves its mettle as a crossover board. From SUP downwinding to light wind wing foiling and even SUP surfing, this board adapts to your every aquatic desire.


Key Features:

  • New Ace Outline: Efficiency meets stability with the teardrop design.
  • Narrow Width: Engineered for speed and early takeoff, with models ranging from 19" to 23".
  • Pin Tail: Optimal tracking and efficiency for catching bumps and seamless takeoffs.
  • Round Rails: Designed for ease in choppy conditions and a responsive spring when pumping.
  • Rocker: Fine-tuned for speed, spring, and handling various swell sizes.
  • 16" Foil Box: Accommodating various foil preferences for comfortable downwind foiling.

Available Sizes:

  • 7'10" x 23" / 140L: Versatile and stable for heavier riders, excelling in downwinding and light wind wing boarding.
  • 7'4" x 21.5" / 120L: The anticipated favorite, offering stability for riders up to 110kg and lightning-fast takeoffs.
  • 7'0" x 20" / 100L: Incredibly stable for its size, performing in various conditions and doubling as a big wave SUP surfboard.
  • 6'9" x 19" / 85L: The smallest and fastest design, a competition-grade downwind foil board for elite riders up to 80kg.

Construction Options: Blue Carbon

  • Lightweight, strong, and durable, featuring a top-grade 150g Biaxial Carbon wrap.
  • Twin T-stringers on the deck and bottom for enhanced breakage strength.
  • Multiple reinforcements in critical areas for increased impact resistance.

Secure Your Piece of the Future! As a 2024 model, the Ace Foil is available for pre-order or incoming delivery. Contact us now for more details and ensure you're among the first to ride the next wave of innovation!

Starboard Ace Downwind Foil Board 2024 - Skymonster Watersports