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Sku: 19996
Vendor: Starboard

Starboard's world champion race team favours the Starboard Lima SUP paddle for its remarkable direct catch and automatic redirecting capabilities.

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According to these champions, the Lima paddle is a game-changer, propelling their boards faster and more efficiently through the water. It has set a new standard in high-performance paddling, gaining widespread recognition among top athletes and enthusiasts alike.

The Lima paddle's direct catch refers to its ability to engage the water immediately upon entry, ensuring maximum efficiency in each stroke. This seamless connection to the water allows paddlers to generate exceptional forward momentum with minimal effort, making it a preferred choice for competitive racing and intense training sessions.

Furthermore, the automatic redirecting feature of the Lima paddle ensures that the blade swiftly transitions through the water during the power phase of the stroke. This automatic repositioning optimizes the paddle's efficiency, reducing resistance and enhancing the paddler's ability to maintain consistent speed and control.

Starboard's world champion race team has been reaping the benefits of the Lima paddle's cutting-edge design, which combines advanced materials and precision engineering. Its lightweight construction provides an advantage during long-distance races, reducing fatigue and ensuring maximum performance throughout the event.

The Lima paddle's aerodynamic blade design enables efficient water displacement, offering an immediate boost in speed and acceleration. Its ergonomic handle and comfortable grip contribute to a natural and relaxed paddling experience, allowing racers to maintain focus on their technique and overall performance.

With Starboard's commitment to innovation and their dedication to creating top-of-the-line paddling equipment, it is no wonder that their world champion race team has chosen the Lima SUP paddle as their go-to choice. Its unrivalled performance has elevated the sport of SUP racing, making it a paddle of choice for athletes who strive for excellence and success on the water.

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