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Sku: 25790
Vendor: Starboard

As a 2023 model, this may be on a pre order or incoming delivery, so stock shown may be delayed or available to pre order. Contact us for more details.



Be ready to face the challenge of white-water SUP with this boulder proof, double layer skin board with extra stiff linear dropstitch (exclusive tech for your next adventure). The Deluxe River race board 10’11” x 31” in Woven Fusion dropstitch is light and strong, perfect for racing on rivers and white water and for the ultimate adrenaline rush you seek.

With Starboard’s trademark standing tray EVA sidewalls and the full EVA deck with extra deep diamond grooving at the standing area, you can wedge your feet for support in tougher conditions. On the bottom, the fixed low profile 2.6” side fins sit next to the ultra-strong and reinforced centre Track&Slide fin. The low fin angle ensures you a smooth ride over rocks and drastically reduces issues with your fins.

For those riding with the possibility of bigger drops, the generous nose lift and wider nose to avoid nose diving are crucial and enough tail kick gives you more control in white water and especially during turns.


What size River is right for me?

9’6” x 36” – Short, compact and stable. The 9’6” is designed to let you manoeuvre the most technical river runs, whilst accommodating up to 105kg, so you can wear all your protective gear and paddle safely. This board also takes first timers from navigating basic class 1 and 2 rapids up to advanced white-water performance. You will be able to handle bigger drops and more extreme river runs on the 9’6” because the wide and square shaped nose increases stability overall. The tail is also marginally wide to give you more stability when stepping back to turn. Drop safely into steeper turns with the high nose rocker that also stops the nose from diving.


10’11” x 31” – The ultimate river racer board is available in the Deluxe Woven fusion dropstitch, reducing its weight by up to 3kg and making it faster than ever. Designed for riders up to 95kg, the narrower width gives you an ultra-fast board to win on the white water. The 31” width reduces the surface area and drag, increasing your overall glide and top speed. The wide tail is stable for you to step back and manoeuvre, while the pulled in nose is all about efficiency and speed. The River range all have 6mm deep grooved kick pads to provide you with maximum grips even when wearing boots.


11’0” x 34” – Suitable for riders up to 115kg, this model has enough width and length to give you speed and stability for river racing. The wide nose, inspired by the Hyper Nut, boosts your stability and helps you pop the board back up when submerging the nose in steep drops. As with the 9’6” option, this board comes in the deluxe double layer bombproof construction.


This year with Starboard Inflatables, the package comes with the 3 piece Starboard Lima Medium Tiki Tech paddle or the Starboard Lima Medium Tufskin paddle.  

Another bonus with buying a Starboard paddleboard is that they have a great environmental background and incentive as a Certified B Corporation. When purchasing a board with Starboard, they will plant 3 Mangrove trees (they draw down 3 x 336.5 kg CO2, more than 1 ton, over 25 years and this is more than 10X the board’s total carbon emissions) and they will pick up 1.1kg of ocean plastics! 


New for 2023 - 

Included on the Deluxe boards is the new Drop Fin Box. The new molding of the fin box creates 50% less drag on the board and 10% reduction in weight. 

What does Deluxe Single Chamber mean?

Starboard offer a variety of constructions to their boards. The Deluxe range is their most advanced method with added stiffness to the board to compete along with hard paddleboards.