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Sku: 33057
Vendor: Starboard

Embark on a paddleboarding experience like no other with Starboard's Touring paddle boards, celebrated globally for their exceptional balance and premium features. Magazines have ranked them as the world's best, and customers worldwide have made them their favorite.

Due to a very high demand and a very low supply from Starboard of this model, you have to pre-order your board. It's not ideal, and we appreciate it, but it's first-come-first-served this season as we simply cannot get enough of these.

Next expected delivery: Mid-Late April 2024

The Touring inflatable paddle board, equipped with a wider nose and squarer tail, ensures heightened stability, especially in challenging conditions like side chop and moderate wind. Even before hitting the water, you'll feel the Starboard difference with the lightweight paddleboards featuring the iconic Starboard shoulder carry strap, allowing you to carry it effortlessly to the water with hands-free convenience.

Experience advanced technology with Rail Edge Technology, releasing water at the tail to reduce drag and create a smooth flow behind the board. The Welded Rail Technology ensures a robust and durable inflatable board by mechanically joining the deck and hull, making it a longer-lasting iSUP.

For enhanced tracking and glide, the boards feature a straight outline and a relatively narrow midsection, keeping the paddle closer for increased stroke efficiency. Edge release technology around the tail reduces drag and creates a laminar flow for optimal performance.

Choose the Touring S for a faster sensation with its slender 28" width, perfect for lighter riders or those with excellent balance. Opt for the Touring L at 32" wide for a more stable experience, carrying more gear, or for heavier riders.

Starboard Touring Deluxe SC 2024 Key Features:

Voluminous Nose and Squarer Tail: Enhance stability, navigate chop, and enjoy step-back turns on the squared tail platform.

Multiple Carry Handles: Designed for heavy-duty explorers, making board transport easier, especially when fully loaded.

2-in-1 Shoulder Carry Strap & Paddle Holder: Velcro loops for easy paddle attachment, providing a hands-free experience for multitasking.

Free Lightweight Leash: An incredibly light leash at 70g, with soft cushioning for comfort and easy attachment to the leash ring.

New Drop Fin Box: Improved hydrodynamic efficiency, reducing drag by 50%, and smart reinforcements for a 10% weight reduction.

Which Starboard Touring Board is Suitable for You?

  • 11'6" x 29": Ideal for manoeuvrability, lighter paddlers, or transitioning from an all-arounder to a touring board. Suited for riders up to 100kg.

  • 12'6" x 28": Narrow width for faster acceleration and improved paddling technique, suitable for riders up to 90kg.

  • 12'6" x 30": The perfect balance of speed, stability, and manoeuvrability for riders up to 110kg.

  • 14'0" x 28": Narrow width for faster acceleration and paddle technique improvement. A great crossover between a race and touring board.

  • 14'0" x 30": Faster glide for riders up to 120kg, equipped with bungees for gear. Controlled and stable for long-distance paddles.

  • 14'0" x 32": Touring L for larger paddlers up to 135kg, offering stability and volume without compromising glide, ideal for exploration with bulky gear.