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STX 10'6" Freeride Pure SUP Board 2022

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STX 10'6 Pure Inflatable SUP Board 2022

The new STX 10'6" inflatable SUP is one of the best priced high quality SUP boards on the market. Their mission was to create a reliable, rigid and durable board that will allow everyone to enjoy standup paddle boarding without braking the bank.

It's safe, well made and robust, made out of double-layered construction. At 10'6 length, 32" width and 6" thickness it's the most common iSUP layout for most all-round boards on the market.

The STX 10'6 grippy deckpad stretches up to the bungee cargo fixings on the nose giving you a lot of room to move around. The board has a standard thruster fin setup with the middle fin detachable for an ease of transport. Two outside fins are flexible so they won't crack or permanently bend when storing the board over long periods of time. Recommended pressure for the STX 10'6 is just 15psi which is high enough to give the board a rigid feel - also due to its advanced construction. 

The 10'6" is perfect all-round board - from cruising on the flat water to catching smaller waves and provides a stable platform for yoga. With the very generous 260 litres and lots of volume on its nose it's also excellent for outings with kids. For added safety all our SUP boards come with a free leash.


STX 10'6 Inflatable SUP Board 2021 Technology

- Fusion Double Layer, X light construction.
- Exclusive on STX boards.

FEATHER LIGHT construction
- The lightest inflatable boards on the market.
- Woven fabric weighs less. It prevents the material to stretch and holds more tension.

- A stiff board transfers the power into speed, not into bending.
- Woven fabric weight stretch diagonal hold more tension. Your STX board is one of the stiffest boards on the market.

Although we recommend 15 PSI, every single FXL made board can be inflated beyond 20 PSI. Again another advantage of our FXL technology.

Tensile strength test show a 50% improvement on Fusion DL.
Tearing strength shows even a 100% increase on Fusion DL.

STX boards are made to last. Double layer bottom and deck, double layer rails and the best components on the market today.


STX 10'6 Inflatable SUP Board 2020


If you have any questions about the STX 10'6 SUP give us a call on 0131 618 9474 or send us an email.

Size and Volume:

  • Length: 10"6"
  • Width: 32"
  • Volume: 260 liters
  • Rider weight limit: about 120kg 

STX 10'6" SUP Key Features:

  • All-around cruising and small waves 
  • Very stable
  • Easily manoeuvrable 
  • Wide outline
  • High volume nose
  • High rigidity
  • Deck leash system adds versatility
  • 6” thick

The STX 10'6" SUP Package includes:

  • STX SUP Board 
  • Double Action Pump 
  • STX 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle 
  • Slide-in Fin 
  • Repair Kit 
  • Carry Bag 
  • Safety Leash
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