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Sku: stx-11-6-18
Vendor: STX

STX 11'6" Touring Inflatable SUP Board 2021



The new STX STX 11'6" Touring inflatable SUP is one of the best priced high quality SUP boards on the market. Their mission was to create a reliable, rigid and durable board that will allow everyone to enjoy standup paddle boarding without braking the bank. It's safe, well made and robust, made out of proven over the years Double-Layered construction. 

The STX 11'6" is a perfect cruising and touring SUP board. It has plenty of glide and easy tracking thanks to its tapered nose and elongated shaped creating less drag. It also deals with chop with ease and the squared tail of the boards prevents it from rocking from side to side. Due to its generous 295 litres of volume and 32" width, the board is also super stable and can carry passengers with ease.

Its amazing value combined with fantastic quality makes it one of our favourite cruisers in the higher end of the market - with a much affordable price tag.

Size and Volume:

  • Length : 11'6"
  • Width: 32"
  • Volume: 270 liters

STX 11'6" Touring SUP Key Features:

  • All-around cruising
  • Stable and manoeuvrable
  • Wide outline with narrow nose
  • Rail-saver for smooth water release
  • Centre carry strap for easy walking
  • Deck leash system adds versatility
  • FXL Technology Extreme stiffness and lightness
  • New deck-pad layout of core and honey grip plus kick pad

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    The STX 11'6" SUP Package includes:

    • Inflatable SUP Board 
    • Double Action Pump 
    • 3-Piece Adjustable Alloy Paddle 
    • Slide-in Fin 
    • Repair Kit 
    • Carry Bag 
    • Leash