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Sku: electric-sup-pump
Vendor: STX

STX Electric SUP Pump

As much as pumping up your SUP board is a great way to warm up it's also pretty exhausting. This electric SUP pump will get your board ready for action in the same time it will take you to get changed in a wetsuit. And to snap that Insta photo.

Different to cheap pumps, this one not only will get your board to 10psi under 5 minutes and to 15psi in 8m 30secs but it also has a built in battery. So if you're not close to your car it will still get you out on the water. Or, if you're setting up near your four wheels you can plug it into your 12V cigarette lighter. Simple as that.

  • Extra fast pumping at low pressure
  • Normal speed to reach high pressure. Automatic stop when selected pressure is reached.
  • Inflates a 10’7” iSUP board in 4 min 30 s to 10 PSI, in 8 min 30 s to 15 PSI
  • 1,70 m quality hose
  • 3 m power cord for mains
  • Also 12V. Works on the cigarette plug of your car.
  • Max Pressure - 16 PSI