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Beginner SUP Lessons. Standup Paddleboarding or SUP for short is one of the world's fastest growing water sports. It's easily accessible for most. Being not only a great full-body workout it allows you to detach yourself from the stress of everyday life. For some it's all about exploring gorgeous lochs and coastlines. For some SUP'ing is about catching waves with greater ease than while surfing. There even are SUP'ers who do yoga on their boards!



SUP Lessons Edinburgh

Our store works with instructors qualified by the ASI organisation to ensure the highest level of safety and enable our students to progress quickly into independent SUP'ers. Our SUP lessons are designed to teach you all the essential skills you need to paddle safely and efficiently. We provide 1:1 support to those struggling in a group setup too.

Level: Absolute Beginners to Intermediates.

You will learn:

  • How to assess the risk before and after arriving at the spot,
  • How to read the weather and wind,
  • How to properly set up your SUP board, paddle length and do safety checks,
  • How to get up on the board, find the right balance point and keep on paddling while standing up,
  • How to efficiently use your paddle - we'll teach you the correct paddling technique making the whole SUP'ing experience much more enjoyable,
  • How to self rescue yourself and others if the weather changes,
  • And much more.

SUP Lessons Prices:

  • Group Lesson - up to 6 students - £60 per person (includes hire of the board and wetsuit)
  • 1:1 Coaching - for those wanting to improve their paddling technique - £60 per hour.

Why us:

  • Experienced Instructors - our instructors have decades of varied watersports experience - from SUP to surfing, kitesurifng, windsurfing, wing foiling and sailing. They've experienced all kinds of weather, all kinds of water conditions so they know how to prepare you for heading out on your own.
  • ASI Qualified - our instructors are trained and approved by Association of Surfing Instructors that goes above and beyond any other SUP instructor qualification.
  • Tried and Tested teaching methods - we've seen hundreds of students and we tailor our SUP lessons around you. Making sure that at the end of the course your confidence levels are up, your paddling technique is improved and that you feel safer on the water. Our lessons are designed to get you up on your feet and SUP'ing safely.
  • The best SUP boards - learning on the cheap inflatables is a horrific experience. They bend, twist and generally speaking are pretty dangerous on the water. We only use premium SUP's - like the Fanatic Premium range. They're the closest thing to a hardboard, stable and stiff under your feet to make the learning experience a breeze.

Course Locations:

  • Gladhouse Reservoir located just 15 from Edinburgh offers flat water conditions that are ideal for learning the basics, building up confidence and working on paddling technique. Being an enclosed body of water it makes learning a breeze.
  • Musselburgh Lagoons is our smaller spot for SUP lessons that we use when the wind picks up at other locations.
  • Other locations include beautiful beaches of East Lothian - Gullane, Longniddry, North Berwick and Dunbar. We also provide lessons for groups in South Queensferry and Cramond. We offer both enclosed waters and open waters SUP lessons depending on the experience level of our students. Locations are highly dependant on the weather conditions.

How to book SUP Lessons?

Purchase either a Group lesson (groups up to 6 per 1 instructor) or a 1:1 coaching session selecting the right quantity. Then get in touch with us via contact form or emailing us directly at lessons@skymonster.com with the dates you want to book yourself in. Locations and timings are weather dependent, cancelations are available up to 48h before the booked date, unless the lessons have to be postponed due to the weather.