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Vendor: Tahe
The Tahe Borneo is a versatile Sit-On-Top kayak designed with families in mind, accommodating one or two adults and one child, with a weight capacity of 550lbs/250kg. Its innovative features cater to various needs, including a stable and efficient hull design, an integrated wheel transport system that doubles as a clever storage area while paddling, and practical elements such as a recessed rear storage compartment with bungee, deck lines, and moulded bow and stern carry handles.

This kayak is ideal for:

- Single or two-person use, with the option to accommodate one child, with a weight capacity of up to 550lbs/250kg.
- Suitable for fishing, providing ample space for one person and gear when additional capacity is required.
- Easy transport facilitated by the wheel transport system, ensuring hassle-free mobility.


The construction of TAHE kayaks employs an exclusive method called Twin Sheet technology, which utilises thermoformed Polyethylene sheets. This process involves seamlessly forming and sealing the deck and hull sections in a single operation. The result is an exceptionally durable and unique kayak, with an invisible and 100% secure join line. This technology produces a kayak that is lighter, stronger, and has a smoother finish compared to traditional rotomoulding. Additionally, the kayak is treated with anti-UV properties, rendering it highly resistant to impacts, knocks, and scratches, thereby ensuring outstanding durability.

Key components of Twin Sheet technology:

1. The deck and hull sheets are thermoformed together in a single operation, creating a fusion that strengthens the kayak along the rail and ensures maximum durability.
2. Thermoforming of the deck and hull sheets takes place in precision aluminum molds, resulting in a kayak with a high-quality shape that enhances glide and performance.
3. The kayak is equipped with replaceable front and rear bumpers, offering protection against abrasion and wear and tear.