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Vendor: Tahe

The Trinidad kayak is specifically designed to provide a relaxing experience on the water. Its compact size allows for comfortable seating of two adults and a child, making it highly versatile and stable for a wide range of water activities. Whether it's for family outings or casual adventures, the ergonomic seats and stability of the Trinidad offer reassurance and comfort. Its innovative hull design with a low draught is perfect for near-shore use, especially in shallow waters. Additionally, the Trinidad has the added advantage of being compatible with a small electric motor, enhancing its versatility.

The Trinidad kayak is ideal for:

- Two adults and one child, with a weight capacity of up to 400lbs/180kg.
- Casual adventures in close proximity to the shore.
- Affordable and enjoyable water activities.


TAHE kayaks employ the exclusive Twin Sheet technology, which involves the use of thermoformed Polyethylene sheets in their construction. By seamlessly forming and sealing the deck and hull sections together in a single operation, this innovative technique produces an incredibly durable and unique kayak. The join line is invisible and provides 100% secure bonding. This process not only creates a kayak that is lighter, stronger, and smoother finished than traditional rotomoulding but also incorporates anti-UV treatment for superior protection against knocks and scratches. This results in exceptional durability for all TAHE kayaks.

Key aspects of Twin Sheet technology:

1. The deck and hull sheets are thermoformed together in one operation, ensuring a fusion that strengthens the kayak along the rail and guarantees maximum durability.
2. Thermoforming of the deck and hull sheets occurs in precision aluminum molds, enabling the manufacturing of a kayak with a high-quality shape, ensuring optimal glide and performance.
3. The kayak is equipped with replaceable front and rear bumpers, which serve as protection against abrasion and wear and tear.

Tahe Trinidad Kayak Tech Specs:

Model: Trinidad
Shape: Sit on Top
Length: 11'9" / 359 cm
Width: 33.1" / 84 cm
Weight: 63 lbs / 28,5 kg
Max Load: 400 lbs / 180 kg
Capacity: 2 adults + 1 child
Drainage Holes: Yes
Plug Supplied: No
Footrest: Fixed Footrest
Technology: TST
Product Type: Rigid - Thermoformed
Country of manufacture: France