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Vendor: WOO

The latest iteration of the WOO device introduces a robust casing that offers protection to an advanced processor and an extremely precise sensor. Featuring wireless charging, a battery life exceeding 24 hours, upgraded Bluetooth, and various significant improvements, you can now fully immerse yourself in your kiteboarding activity while the WOO diligently tracks and documents each take-off, jump, and landing.


Developed over the span of ten years, WOO 4.0 incorporates valuable insights gathered from a global community that consistently pushes the limits of kiteboarding. While its original purpose of effortlessly recording every kiteboarding leap remains unchanged, the WOO 4.0 has undergone a comprehensive transformation both internally and externally to cater to the sport's future demands.

By connecting your WOO with a smartwatch, you can enhance your experience with a dynamic display showcasing your kiteboarding statistics, including the height of each jump immediately after landing. Let the games begin!

New for 4.0

  • Wireless Charging
  • Dual Core Processor
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • 24+ Hour Battery Life
  • Synchronous Watch App
  • Battery Health Protection


  • 8x Gyroscope Resolution
  • 7x Accelerometer Rate
  • 50% Faster Charging
  • 3x Faster BLE Connection
  • 4x Less Signal Noise
  • 16x Ram
  • 4x Flash Memory
  • 2x Clock Frequency
  • 30% Brighter LED

Whats Included

  • WOO 4.0 Sensor
  • 4.0 Charger
  • Classic Mount
  • Extra Mounting Tape
  • Board Prep Pad
  • Quick Start Guide

The 4.0 is the same size and shape as the 3.0, so your old mounts will work with the 4.0 Keep in mind the charger has changed, so you will need to use the new charger only on your new 4.0.