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Cold Water Fun

As the season is reaching the cooler months, it’s time to ensure we hit the water with the right gear to keep us warm and riding for longer.

Boots, Gloves, Hoods and the right Wetsuit can make the most of our sessions and let’s face it, if it can keep us in the water for longer that’s exactly what we want!  

We asked Jake and Niome to tell us what they wear.   

We started with Jake as he lives on the water, and asked him to choose his top two wetsuits.  It turns out that he could not give us just two, so he has given us his top three and said:

  1. Ion Select 5/4 – “the one for the colder months and winter riding as it is super warm and fits seamlessly, keeping me out for longer”!
  2. Mystic Majestic 5/4 – “Great flex, taped seams to keep the water at bay and really comfortable and warm, an awesome all-round wetsuit”!
  3. Ion Seek 5/4 – “Super warm, super flexed and easy to get on, what can I say I can’t choose just one”!

Finally when it comes to gloves the Mystic Supreme Lobster Gloves in 5mm is definitely his preferred choice for keeping his fingers warm.

Niome loves her Ion Amaze Core 5/4, she says "it keeps me warm and I can board/ swim in the water for hours, it is incredibly comfy, soft and the flex is something else, it also looks great as well, which is always a bonus".  She is also loving her Mystic Split Toe Supreme Boots which protect her feet during the colder months and extends her time on the water!

And to finish and keep us warm after our sesh; Jake is rocking his Mystic Robe whilst Niome is devoted to her Dryrobe! Which is better you ask? Well, that is a conversation for another day!

Keeping warm is the key to an epic session, whether you are looking for accessories to add to your protection or a winter wetsuit, pop into store in Dalkeith or check us out online to make sure you have what you need to hit the water!

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