Carver Kai Lenny Surfskates

When people see a board with wheels scooting by, they normally think skateboard! However, it could actually be a Surfskate making metaphoric waves as they ride.

Introducing the phenomenal Carver Surfskate – where a surfboard meets a skateboard and allows the rider to replicate the feel of surfing. The Surfskate has special trucks which pivot aggressively sideways, allowing the rider to pump the board, this pumping motion helps generate momentum, pushing the rider forward.

Created in 1996, Carver is known and ridden by surfers from all over the world.  After researching many prototypes, they created a series of trucks to give the most discerning rider a selection to consider. 

When it comes down to which to choose, this is purely personal, neither is better, it is a completely personal choice. 

The CX looks more like a traditional skateboard truck, it feels stable, with fast turns, snappy cutbacks and allows the rider confidence for precision carves.  The CX is light and pumps well and is a more progressive ride. It has a more direct feeling than riding than the C7 and opens the possibility of aerial manoeuvres.  If you are looking to skate in parks/ bowls as well as flat and ride more aggressively the CX is for you!

The C7 is the original truck, it is more about flow, a smoother to ride, using a more cruising/ flow pump.  It has a wider turning arc than the CX due to the swing arm on the truck.  The truck is heavier and more adjustable.  The patented second axis of this front truck increases the turning radius of your carve, you can snap the nose and pivot your turns off the tail. This creation of the thrust drives you forward increasing your speed.  Pumping down the path is effortless, and you will find yourself mind surfing your line ahead!

Carver work in partnership with surfboard brands and surfers, creating boards like Lost Hydra, Super Surfer and the Black Tip. Their latest release is very exciting, as Carver have worked with Kai Lenny a Maui Surf legend. Together they collaborated and created two awesome Surfskates which include:

C7 Kai Lenny Dragon 34”, it is stretched out double concave board with a longer wheelbase that increases stability and speed. It also looks sick!

CX Kai Lenny Lava 31” is snappy, mid-sized board and the deck is pressed into a hyperspoon mould for a deep-dish spoon nose contour. This board has a Lava design but with the same bold colours as the Dragon!

Both are available from our store, so check in online or pop in to say hi!

Carver Surfskates creates an innate feeling of surfing – when you can’t hit the waves this is the perfect option to keep up your training! Surf like you skate, skate life you surf.

Feel free to drop by our surf and skate store in Scotland near Edinburgh to give it a go - demo models available next to a super smooth path!

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