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Dakota - NP Surf Film

We talk a lot about kitesurfing in cold conditions. That's what we get in the UK. We do moan about them too. It's pretty much the first thing you say to the other person at the beach. "Oh man, it's so cold today, eh!" Well there are colder places on Earth to surf! Putting aside Ruben Lenten's trip to Iceland and boys from F-One Kiteboarding trip to the Antarctica you wouldn't believe what you can get in... Dakota, USA.

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Here's a film from the NP Surf and Cabrinha boys exploring the American wilderness and testing out the NP's winter wetsuits - NP Combat, NP Serene (the ultimate women's winter wetsuit) and few others. Get yourself a hot choco, sit back and enjoy the journey. And stop checking Windguru every 10 minutes!

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