Karolina Winkowska in Brazil, Slingshot Kiteboarding - Skymonster Watersports

Karolina Winkowska in Brazil, Slingshot Kiteboarding

Karolina Winkowska in Brazil - Kitesurfing Blog - Slingshot Kites UK

Karolina Winkowska's taking us to Brazil - one of the best places to go on kiteboarding holidays. Showing that her kitesurfing life is more about enjoying the moment, freeriding and stoke rather than routine busting same moves. We are always stoked to see some Slingshot gear in action too! Especially in hands of a pro that Karolina is.

So sit back and enjoy... and look out for Skymonster Brazil Kitesurfing Downwinder Trip in 2017!

Find out more about Karolina at http://karolinawinkowska.com

More on Slingshot Kitesurfing Gear: http://slingshotsports.com



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