Duotone Neo DLab 2023 Kitesurfing Kite

We always say that we’re a store run by riders for riders. And we mean it. We travel to test all the equipment we choose to sell to ensure that not only we know all our gear but also that we’re selling the stuff we want to ride ourselves. So when you call us for advice, we can tell you from our own experience, not from marketing sheets, what’s right for you.

Being very particular about which brands we sell, we only really work with those who we want to ride ourselves. Yes, absolutely selfish. But, if you think about it, having access to everything there is on the market, if we personally choose one over the others - there has to be a good reason behind it.

Duotone Neo SLS 2023 Kitesurfing Kite

And so, Boards and More - the company behind Duotone (kites and wings), Fanatic (SUP, wing foiling and windsurfing) and Ion (wetsuits and accessories) is one of our preferred partners. Not only the quality of their equipment is top-notch but also they’re the ones pushing the envelope in terms of tech advancements across all their branches the hardest. No wonder that Duotone is by far the largest kitesurfing brand in the world.

We were stoked to test out the new additions to the D-Lab range of kites - including the new Neo and Juice. And yes, these are at the very top pricing end but being able to foil on an inflatable kite in 4-5kt of wind (with some heading out in 3kt… which we didn’t had the guts to do!) absolutely changes the perception of what suitable conditions are.

Duotone Neo D-Lab 2023 Kitesurfing Kite

We were absolutely blown away with the new Duotone Jaime board (both standard and SLS) that has gone through some serious redesign and is definitely the most radical twintip on the market. With deep concaves running along the rails, it almost feels as if you’re planting a foil into the water when edging into the wind before the jump. It’s really hard to describe so we’ll have both editions on demo at our surf shop in Scotland. At the time of writing however, we can’t publish the photos which is an itch that’s hard to scratch!

The Duotone Neo SLS had some improvements made to the wing tips allowing for the kite to recover with more power after a bottom turn. The 2022 version was already feeling like putting a Lamborghini through a corner and this seemingly small change made a huge difference in the amount of drive the kite delivers. For most riders the standard Neo (which remains unchanged for the 2022/23 season) is definitely still a stellar choice. But if you want the smoothest wave riding machine - the 2023 Neo SLS is by far our kite of choice.

Of course the new IronHeart QR on the new ClickBar and ThrustBar is a much anticipated change. The ball bearings run smoother and the distance between the loop and the stopper is reduced on both bars. Also, it’s much easier to remove the V-distributor for the bars (yup, both this time!) to work with any kite on the market. The removable floaters on the ClickBar and totally new centre lines on the Thrust are also a welcome change. Small things that make both products much better.

Fanatic Sky Style Foil Wing Board 2023

As we have become an official Duotone Demo Centre, all kites and boards will be available on demo with us. So, if you want to test something specific, give us a shout and we’ll get you geared up.

The hard SUP boards haven’t changed much, the new graphics are welcome as the new Fanatic Stylemaster and ProWave are looking better than ever. The 2023 Fanatic AllWave comes in an all-new shape and attitude. It’s still a superbly friendly surf SUP that catches everything from small bumps to head highs, but now feels more nimble on the wave and is easier to drive off the tail.

We can’t wait to show it all off - so drop us a line if you fancy a go!

PS. Did we mention we’re now stocking Fanatic Windsurfing boards and Duotone Windsurfing Sails? Ah yes!

Fanatic Gecko 2023 Windsurfing Board

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