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Interview: Introducing Duotone Skybrid SLS Board

Chat with Duotone's Maui Design Team: Finn & Jeffrey Spencer on the New Skybrid SLS

We're excited to introduce the Skybrid SLS, the latest high-performance gem in the Wing & Foiling board collection. This mid-length board perfectly bridges the gap between our Downwinder range and traditional Wing Foil boards. With a longer, narrower outline and a wider nose and tail, the Skybrid SLS offers incredible efficiency and stability, setting a new benchmark in Wing Foiling.

Join us for an exclusive chat with our talented board designers, Finn and Jeffrey Spencer. They’ll share the innovations and unique design elements that make the Skybrid SLS truly special. Dive into the craftsmanship and vision that brought this amazing board to life – you won’t want to miss it!

Find out more about the Duotone Skybrid SLS here.

Interview below:


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