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Paddle Out Protest Against Sewage - 20 May

Grab your surfboards, SUP's, paddles, rafts, swim caps & placards and join us for Surfers Against Sewage’s National paddle-out on Saturday 20th May. It's time to send a message to the profiteering polluters. Our waters are under threat and we need drastic action now. With the amount of raw sewage being pumped out onto our beaches daily, we all need to take action.

In case of our local protest, this will take place at Portobello Beach, Edinburgh between 13:00-14:00. You can follow the event here.

Surfers Against Sewage message:

Our ocean is under threat. Water companies are forcing our rivers and seas into a critical state by continuing to dump a toxic chemical cocktail of untreated sewage straight into our waterways. And for far too long, regulators and government have let them get away with it. Not only are they destroying ecosystems, they are putting human health at risk. And we're sick of it.

Surfers Against Sewage Demands:

We REFUSE to spend another summer swimming in sh*t. we DEMAND water companies take responsibility and clean up their act. And regulators and Government must hold them to account. They must stop pillaging our waterways and start investing in much needed infrastructure for our future, for the sake of people and the planet.

We demand an END to sewage pollution in our bathing waters and a 90% reduction of all sewage discharges by 2030.

For your local paddle-outs please check out Surfers Against Sewage website.

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