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Project Norway - Duotone Trip

Located north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten archipelago is known for its rugged beauty. Artists have long drawn inspiration from these islands, which even makes appearances in the work of Jules Verne. Set against a backdrop of stark mountains and rugged coastline, the colored cabins are as iconic as the dried fish that for so long underpinned the island’s economy.


Dead cod, a dangerous whirlpool, jagged mountains and a fierce weather may not amount to a tempting proposition, but look more closely and the Lofotens really do seem to offer a little corner of heaven on earth.

Connect with the true forces of nature kiteboarding in the Lofoten Islands with Reno Romeu, Hannah Whiteley and photographer Toby Browmich in this new kite movie by Noe Font. Special thanks to FURU hostel for the hospitality and keeping us warm.

Video by Noe Font.
Still photography Toby Bromwich.
Riders: Hannah Whiteley and Reno Romeu.

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