SmoothStar is the number one surf trainer for surf coaches worldwide. It was the first surf trainer to be used in a high performance surfing centre now famously known as HPC, with surf coach Sasha Stocker who at the time, was Australia’s National Surf Coach. Trusted by surfers and young grommets who later became professional surfers and even world champions like Tyler Wright and Owen Wright, Laura Enever and Sally Fitzgibbons, SmoothStar remains the surf trainer of choice for beginner to elite surfers worldwide.

SmoothStar continues to set the standard in the surf training industry. Designed and tested in Sydney, Australia, for surf simulation and engineered in Japan for precision, we were one of the first companies in the world to develop the revolutionary ‘Thruster’. This unique spring-loaded turning mechanism is what gives our surf trainers that ‘just like surfing’ feeling.

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SmoothStar 32.5" Johanne Defay

Johanne’s board is suitable for groms over 155cm and adults under 181cm. This model SmoothStar is ideal for the surfer who is of average height and who wants to perform...

SmoothStar 33" Holy Toledo

The 33” Holy Toledo is suited to teenage to adult surfers 5”4’ – 5”10’ (162cm – 177cm) in height. The 33” Holy Toledo is the original signature model of World...

SmoothStar 30" Barracuda

The Barracuda deck is designed for young surfing groms up to max height 135cm. It is a super responsive, tight turning, take anywhere surf carving machine. But don't let its...

SmoothStar 32" Flying Fish

The 32” Flying Fish is the most popular model for surf groms aged 9 – 13 years. It is perfect for young surf groms who want to progress their surfing....