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Sku: AK-Trek-Wingfoil
Vendor: AK

The smooth lift engages intuitively while remaining incredibly stable through slow and nervous first flights to powered, confident higher loads and speeds. Smooth and agile when needed around corners it's a fantastic allrounder and the easiest entry to the world of hydrofoiling.

It uses the same components as the entire AK range meaning future upgrades are easy to add component by component. This means you can go for a smaller front wing of a higher aspect ratio allowing you to ride faster and in stronger winds without the need to upgrade the whole setup.

We strongly recommend the 2000cm2 wing for beginners and heavier riders to make the learning curve much smoother. It's also a front wing you'll keep for lighter winds further down the line. We absolutely love the affordability of this setup and the high end feel of Trek foils on the water - they're smooth, stable and easy to ride. It's a combination that's pretty hard to beat.