Penny Skateboards have been around for well over 12 years now and they've became a fabric of skateboarding worldwide. Iconic plastic durable decks, compact design made for people on the go and absolutely fanatical attention to detail made them irreplaceable pick for anyone even slightly interested in skateboarding. Or cursing around as they're are just so smooth! We're super stoked to be able to work with these legend - all Penny skateboards come with free UK and European shipping. And a price match. And 0% APR via PayPal. Any questions? Give us a shout - we're always happy to help!

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Penny Cruiser 22'' Tony Hawk Crest Skateboard

Penny Boards UK The X Tony Hawk Collection Penny skateboards are the original plastic skateboard, dating back to the 1970s. The deck is plastic injection moulded, making it durable with the...
£109.00 £85.99

Penny Cruiser 22'' Simpsons El Barto Bart

Penny Boards UK The Simpsons Collection Bart El Barto 22" Cause mischief around Springfield on the 22" one-of-a kind- board. Looking for a premium plastic skateboard? Look no further than...
£109.00 £59.95

Penny 22'' Blue Silver Metallic Fade Skateboard

  Metallic Fades have quickly become one of our most popular collections and its easy to see why! The shiny fade from blue to silver on this 22" Penny, gives...

Penny x Star Wars Boba Fett Complete Cruiser - 22"

  One of the most loved and mysterious characters from the Star Wars galaxy is the Imperial bounty hunter, Boba Fett. His counter-culture lifestyle and weathered appearance makes him the...
£109.95 £82.95

Penny x Star Wars R2D2 Complete Cruiser - 22"

  Everyone's favorite Droid has come back to life on this 22" skateboard! Whether piloting an X-wing or serving drinks in Jabba's palace, R2-D2 has always been a reliable counterpart....
£109.95 £78.95

Penny x Star Wars Stormtrooper Nickel Complete Cruiser - 27"

  Loyalty to the Empire is a Stormtroopers first prerogative; second would be to roll nice and smooth under your feet! This 27” warrior is locked and loaded with black...
£119.95 £94.95

Penny x Star Wars Darth Vader Complete Cruiser - 22"

  You will ride this board, and you will enjoy it. The power of the dark side compels you to skate this 22" deck built with all-black trucks, and wheels...
£109.95 £78.95