SMIK SUPs are the perfect balance of high-tech construction and a cracking price. Hipster Twin, Spitfire, Style Lord and Short Mac 2.0. Free Delivery and 0% APR Finance Available.

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Smik Hipster Twin 2.0 SUP

The Hipster Twin is just a case of history repeating itself. It’s almost impossible not to notice the performance that’s evolved from twin fins in the surfing world, with many...
£1,449.00 £1,129.00

Smik North Freo Short Mac 2.0

Sharing certain design features with the Spitfire, the Short Mac provides a performance shape with the added bonus of stability and ease of use with its squared-off nose. Amazingly easy...
£1,455.00 £1,149.00

SMIK Spitfire V2 SUP Board

The SMIK Spitfire’s ground breaking design incorporated the combination of speed, manoeuvrability and firepower. This made it a formidable fighterplane and a much loved British icon with it’s beautiful lines....
£1,489.00 £1,189.00

Smik Style Lord V2 10' x 29" SUP Board

The Smik Style Lord is a long board style SUP, designed for a timeless soul arch or a walk up to the nose. Combined with accentuated outline curve, rocker and...
£1,693.00 £1,525.00