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Sku: axis-ses-package-940
Vendor: Axis

As the name suggests, the brand new SES complete foil package from Axis is super easy to get started foiling on with its innovative core and fibreglass front and rear wing construction. A new concept from AXIS, the SES foil package is perfect for cost conscious learners and riders who want one simple setup that works at very competitive price.

And since it’s AXIS, high quality of manufacturing, smart engineering and modularity are inherited in the SES packages’ DNA.

The 'Super Easy Starter' foil package is no slouch either. Drawing on the proven performance and easy turning of Axis's BSC range, the SES has a slightly reduced aspect ratio for even easier and smoother lift and the SES wings have rounder tips for extra safety and ease of use. While also ensuring that the proven aluminium mast and fuselage gives you entry to the Axis's huge range of wings as you grow and develop your foiling and riding preferences

Each package comes with its own front wing size: The 1040 for riders over 75kgs and the 940 for lighter riders. Completing the SES package is the SES red fuselage (725mm), a SES specific rear wing (450/80), the famously stiff 75cm aluminium 19mm mast and mast base, plus a complete stainless steel bolts and spanner pack.