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Sku: KNX104WBN-1
Vendor: Core

Core Nexus 3 is one of our favourite all-round kites. If you're one of the riders mixing boosting on a TwinTip, carving the waves on a strapless and hydrofoiling, the Nexus 3 is a no-brainer. When dialled in properly it has no problems in keeping up with the XR7 in terms of height, there's a bit less of a hangtime but it's compensated by epic responsiveness on the bar and the movement speed.

It handles the gusts with ease flying through lulls with no issues. We've found it working the best on the wave setting, including for sent jumps too, oddly enough. It's a lively and very forgiving all-round machine. Easy enough to fly by beginners and it really comes to life in the hands of intermediate and experienced riders. When we're being asked which kite in the Core lineup would we choose for progression and learning loops - the Nexus 3 beats all others. The predictability is king and this kite has plenty of that to offer.

Typically when a brand claims that their kite is the best mix of all worlds we take it with a pinch of salt. But they've really nailed it combining the responsiveness of the GTS6, drift of Section 3 and boost of the XR6. We're pretty impressed and so is everyone who takes our demo Nexus 3 for a spin. And yes, we've got Core Nexus 3 on demo and yup, we ride the gear we're selling ourselves so if you have any questions - feel free to get in touch for an advice!