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Duotone Click Bar 2023

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The legendary Duotone Click Bar just got better for 2023. Not only it's the the most advanced kitesurfing bar, it's been refined to further the ease of use. New for this season, the Duotone crew reworked quick release mechanism that now allows to reload the system with just a push and a satisfying click. The green indicator on the side of the QR shows when the system is reengaged correctly.

For 2023 season the Duotone Clickbar comes in just one size that fits all kites and three different lines options:

  • 12-24m for halving the length for either throwing sick low megaloops or teaching in windy conditions
  • 20-22m for wave riders needing maximum response from the kite or more powerful kiteloops
  • 22-24m which is our most popular length for majority of kitesurfers

New for 2023 Duotone Click Bar:

Iron Heart VI:
The Clickbar is equipped with the Iron Heart VI, ensuring a quick and reliable safety release. Lines, even the guided safety line, are automatically untwisted during rotations. The simple Click-In Safety System includes an optical control function that allows you to reconnect the chicken loop as easily as you clip in your seat belt plus being able to check the green marking, to ensure the system is closed properly.

V-Distributor III:
The new V Distributor III can be adjusted easily, allowing you to set the front line to split quickly. It can also be removed entirely, very easily, so you can have a very low V; this makes the Click Bar compatible with most kites on the market, allowing you also to choose on your preference and riding style. Makes the bar compatible with most modern 4-line kites on the market.


It takes one session of getting used to and we completely fell in love with click to depower system. It's super intuitive, quick and definitely helps riders with shorter arms. To power the kite up, all you have to do is spin one of the bar ends. To make things clearer, the power indicator is located in the middle of the bar so you always know how much depower you have left.

FLITE99 Lines, SK99

Kite lines connect and communicate the power in your kite, into your hands. Putting our lives in our lines, they are crucial for safe, long lasting and enjoyable sessions. FLITE99 is offering the highest Dyneema Quality, SK 99. Backlines are turquoise / Frontlines are grey, to always know which is which. They come with 12% higher breaking load and 15% less elongation than in previous years. The FLITE99 lines have a 6,5 % less wind exposed area, due to a decreased diameter, are faster! Additionally FLITE99 comes with a new, even more durable coating. Last, but not least, FLITE99 uses Monofil, a unique material that prevents bending, kinking of the line, prevents the line from wearing out and worst case ripping apart!

Duotone Click Bar 2023 - Skymonster Watersports
Duotone Click Bar 2023 - Skymonster Watersports
Duotone Click Bar 2023 - Skymonster Watersports
Duotone Click Bar 2023 - Skymonster Watersports
Duotone Click Bar 2023 - Skymonster Watersports