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Sku: 9010583181653
Vendor: Duotone

The Click Bar made a groundbreaking impact upon its initial launch, and over the years, its design has undergone continuous refinement, establishing itself as the standard in kite control systems. In 2024, we bring back the Iron Heart VI, now featuring the Click-In Safety System, a game-changing innovation.

With this system, connecting the chicken loop to the Iron Heart VI is as simple as pushing it in, ensuring hassle-free connections every time. This feature is particularly valuable for riders using a rope slider bar and proves invaluable when you need to swiftly reconnect, especially in aquatic environments.

Our redesigned leash takes a fresh approach, incorporating neoprene for a softer and more flexible feel while enhancing elongation during crashes. Additionally, it boasts a new EVA design and a Quick Link Mechanism, enabling one-handed attachment to the Suicide Ring, greatly elevating safety.

For ease of inspection, the floater is now removable, allowing you to assess the leader lines of the bar. Furthermore, the new pigtails have reduced sleeving only where necessary, minimising weight and reducing air drag at a crucial connection point to the kite.

The FLITE99 lines by Robline have been chosen to minimize air drag, resulting in a more direct and responsive steering experience. The V Distributor III is easily adjustable, enabling quick front-line split configuration. It can also be effortlessly removed, allowing for a low V setup, making the Click Bar compatible with a wide range of kites on the market.

With a versatile Suicide Ring leash connection system, you can ride in full safety mode or swiftly configure for unhooked riding. We also offer a Click Bar in Medium with 12m + 12m extensions, an ideal choice for kite schools.

As part of our Concept Blue initiative, we've integrated Bloom foam into select parts of the bar grip and leash, a conscious and high-performance alternative to traditional petroleum-based EVA materials, emphasizing our commitment to the environment.

If you're seeking the ultimate control system for your kites, the Click Bar stands as the singular choice you need to consider; nothing surpasses it. In 2024, it arrives more refined, finely tuned, and fully prepared to deliver peak performance in the world of kite sports.