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Vendor: Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Evo and Gonzales kitesurfing package is an ideal starting point for any beginner getting into the sport or intermediate looking for a cost effective setup they won't outgrow anytime soon. Most of out team is using Evo's in their quivers and there's a reason why it's the world's best selling kite. You'll find it intuitive to fly, easy to relaunch and great to progress on. Not to mention an incredible saving on the RRP of all the items in this package individually!

Duotone Evo kitesurfing kite 2024.  The Evo is one of our most sought-after models, and its popularity is a testament to its characteristics and capabilities. This three-strut, versatile kite has been designed to offer an impressive blend of high performance across a range of disciplines that is easily accessible. 

Duotone Gonzales Kitesurfing Board 2024. When you are learning to kiteboard the odds are stacked against you, let's be honest, those early sessions aren't easy. The wind is blowing, the water is moving, you're controlling the kite, trying to manage the board, a lot is going on. You need something to make your journey smoother, a board you can rely on to make you look good every step of the way. Meet the Duotone Gonzales, a freeride board that beginners and intermediates alike will love. This season even lighter, to make all those first steps easier. 

The Duotone Trust Quad Kitesurfing control bar 2024. The new Duotone Trust Bar 2024 takes control to a new level, with an improved depower system and a big step forward for the chicken loop. The new Duotone Iron Heart VI features a Click-In Safety System; this allows you to simply push the chicken loop into the Iron Heart VI for easy connection. Perfect for riders using a rope slider bar and a real help when you pop your chicken loop and need to reconnect, especially in the water. 

Duotone Vario Combo Kiteboard Footpads 2024. An essential part of the Duotone collection, the Vario Combo footpads and straps are compatible with all Duotone boards, from every generation. Structured, comfortable and durable, the ergonomically shaped pads deliver a satisfying ride and cushy feel.

Also included in the package:

  • Duotone Pump
  • Duotone Chicken Loop & Safety Pin
  • Duotone Short Leash