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Sku: 9010583178080
Vendor: Duotone

Introducing the Duotone Jaime SLS, a highly adaptable board designed to elevate your kiteboarding experience. Whether you're craving big air, exploring freestyle tricks, or embarking on a freeride adventure, this board delivers exceptional performance that's accessible to riders of all skill levels.

Unlocking its remarkable potential, the Jaime SLS boasts impressive pop and can catapult you to new heights in your kiteboarding journey. Crafted with cutting-edge SLS technology, this board offers a combination of strength, lightness, and superior construction that guarantees a dynamic and responsive ride, igniting your excitement from the moment you secure your feet in the straps.

Enhanced by the Double Rocker Line Concept and Angled Fins, the Jaime SLS provides unparalleled water grip, making it ideal for upwind charging and achieving breathtaking aerial maneuvers. The Double Diffusor Bottom cleverly disrupts water surface tension upon landing your tricks, ensuring a smoother and more controlled ride.

Whether you're on a quest for the ultimate freeride experience, aiming to reach new heights in big air, or spontaneously delving into freestyle tricks, the Duotone Jaime SLS is the board that meets your every kiteboarding desire.