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Sku: 44220-3014
Vendor: Duotone

The Duotone Neo SLS is our team's favourite wave riding kite. The super light and stiff construction allows for direct control when riding big stuff getting and provides ample amounts of power on tap. Because of its lightness, Neo SLS works superbly well on foils too. Not only drifting effortlessly when riding downwind but also stays in the air in wind we wouldn't expect it to.

Neo has always been one of the top wave-oriented kites but also smashing it in the freeride category - if you ride mainly strapless and foil but also like to throw TwinTip into the mix and you just need one kite to do it all, Neo SLS is definitely the way to go. It boosts surprisingly well and loops like a dream.

What makes the SLS so good is the Penta TX material on the leading edge that makes the kite 15% lighter. Combined with their famous Trinity TX canopy, the new Neo makes riding even in the harshest conditions a breeze, keeping its shape in the gusts and power through turns never leaving you with slacked lines before a bottom turn.