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Vendor: Duotone

The Spike is a light wind twin tip with a distinction—in contrast to other boards, which are merely "doors," this one is a true thoroughbred. Nobody wants to struggle to stay upwind when the wind is light; they want to enjoy themselves just as much in ten knots of wind as they do in twenty! With the Spike, you can make your fantasies come true. Its straight form offers a significant amount of surface area for early planning, and its medium-to-stiff flex gives it a quick top-end speed and lots of pop. All of your favourite freeride manoeuvres are possible in less wind than you might have thought.

You'll be out there cutting your own lines in the ocean and flying above it while your friends are sitting on the beach scanning the horizon for whitecaps. Regardless of your level of experience or skill, a forgiving ride makes the performance qualities available to all riders. Prepare yourself for a ride of a lifetime in gusts that would typically have you sitting on the beach daydreaming of better times. To make sure that every day is a kitesurfing day, the Spike is the item you should have in your quiver.