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Mystic Compression Travel Kite Bag

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The Mystic Compression Bag offers exceptional lightweight functionality, making it an ideal choice for kite enthusiasts. Designed with adjustable shoulder straps and an internal pocket, it provides convenient and customisable carrying options.

With the inclusion of outer straps, this bag allows you to compress your kite effectively, simplifying your travel experience or serving as a space-saving storage solution. Constructed from a resilient HXcomb shell and breathable materials, the bag ensures proper ventilation for your kite, guaranteeing its optimal condition and longevity.

Ideal to limit weight of your kitesurfing kit when traveling whilst still offering protection to your kites. Standard kite bags can weight up to 1kg - that all adds up if your weight allowance is only 20kg. They're also a bit larger than most standard kite bags so you no longer have to be an origami expert to pack them in after a session. Win-win.

Mystic Compression Travel Kite Bag - Skymonster Watersports