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Mystic The One 4/3 Wetsuit Zipless Wetsuit - 2022

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Totally zipfree and stock here at Skymonster in Black. Besides the stylish design you'll get Mystic's flexible M-Flex 2.0 neoprene, super warm Polar inner lining and all seams are GBS and covered with Waterproof stretch taping on the inside. It also comes with the new and improved Mesh neoprene back panel to reduce wind chill, 4-Way stretch kneepads and a Glideskin neck construction for extra comfort.


- M-Flex 2.0 Neoprene 100%: Highly durable neoprene with incredible stretching capabilities , that doesn't compromise on comfort or warmth
- Fox Fleece: Big loops in the fabric create a high pile lining that holds air or extra insulation. It holds less water enhancing the fast-drying abilities of the fabric. With its superior stretch performance in all directions its super suitable for every panel in all Mystic wetsuits


- GBS (Glued Blind Stitch): Stitching method where the panels of the wetsuit are first glued together followed by being stitched halfway through the fabric, making the seams watertight
- Aquabarrier: A silicone printing on the collarbone region of your wetsuit. This forms a barrier between the overlapping front-zip panels preventing water from entering.
- Waterproof Stretch Taping: A high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and keep it flexible and warm.
- ZipFree: Paneling designed to give the rider the ultimate freedom of movement whilst also negating water entry
- Hex-tech Kneepads: The kneepads are made of a 4way Super-tex fabric. This is durable fabric especially designed for protection.
- Non slip cuffs: The cuff is designed to limit the water entry and keep the sleeve in place.
- Key pocket 2.0: The standard keyloop is now equipped with a mini-buckle to release your key with ease.
- Aquaflush: Perforated neoprene that allows water to exit the suit, preventing the leg cuffs from filling with water.
- Glideskin Neck: A thinner neoprene at the neck seal with a smooth lining creates a tight water seal with added comfort

Mystic The One 4/3 Wetsuit Zipless Wetsuit - 2022 - Skymonster Watersports
Mystic The One 4/3 Wetsuit Zipless Wetsuit - 2022 - Skymonster Watersports