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Vendor: Onewheel

Onewheel+ XR

Onewheel+ XR is the way. It's the closest thing we'll get to riding a hoverboard - get ready for Marty McFly jokes when you float past others. It feels like it's an endless snowboarding season, just without the passes and queues to go up the hill. Best of all - you can take it to most of the terrain, smash trails, roots, tarmac, hard sand, take it to the fire roads and cruise about pretty much anywhere. We're all absolutely hooked in store and can't get enough of it. The range is pretty insane with up 18 miles it gives you a full freedom to roam.

It will become part of your daily life fairly quickly - from school runs or getting to and back from college, getting around with your daily commute to group rides with the ever-growing Onewheel community in the UK and beyond. There's nothing like it like shredding trails with your mates... or newly met mates! Best of all - you can start your Onewheel XR journey with us - we offer both demo and coaching through the first rides in store.

All of us ride so we're more than happy to get you floating in no time. It's easier than it looks and most get on well with the board after the intro session. If you're collecting the board from us we'll make sure it'll be charged when you arrive so you can hit the trails near us straight away.


Using the new Onewheel App you can define riding characteristics of your XR. It allows to adapt your ride to the terrain you'll find yourself in but also it allows to create custom riding modes. This also helps with getting the basics dialled in before going full whack on your local trails. Or just floating around the neighbourhood. The feeling of freedom of movement, the large tyre that eats up obstacles (unlike an electric skateboard) and the range makes it the perfect way to get around.

Because Onewheel XR is so powerful we prefer to sell boards in store in person. This also gives you a chance to test one of our demo boards, ask any questions you have and get to grips with us supervising you. If we can't, we'll give you loads of advice on how to get started safely. We ride the gear we sell - so feel free to drop us all the questions you have!

Onewheel XR Key Features:

  • There's no remote needed.
  • It packs a lot of power with 750W using HyperCore Brushless Motor.
  • The Top Speed is rated at 19mph.
  • The Max Range you can achieve is between 12-18 Miles (19-29Km) depending on the terrain and temperatures.
  • Charge Time is only 1.5 to 2 hours, however you can cut that down using Onewheel XR Hypercharger.
  • Battery is premium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) 324Wh 63V.
  • Tyre: 11.5" x 6.5- 6" Vega Kart Wheel.
  • Smart LED Light bars on both side of the board making you visible on the road and helping you to see where you're going in the dark (white on the front and red on the back of the board).
  • Smartphone App helps to shape the board to your needs - making it looser or stiffer depending on the terrain you're riding. You can also adjust how aggressively the board will react when accelerating. We love the Mission mode for general freeriding and Delirium for the smooth carving! 
  • Max Rider Weight is recommended at about 125Kg.
  • The board comes with a 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty (See Onewheel Site for Details).
  • Onewheel XR weight is 13kg (Onewheel Pint is about 10kg).
  • What's most important - it's insanely fun to ride!