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Sku: onewheel-fender-xr-3
Vendor: Onewheel

One of the first things you really need to get is the Onewheel Fender. It keeps all the mud and stones from hitting your pants, stance pads and ending up inside your trainers. No one wants that!

Onewheel Fender comes in two types - standard - the one you're looking at right now - and Carbon. Carbon is more shiny (it's Carbon! We all love some Carbon stuff, don't we?) and more robust - Onewheel guys drove a Spriner van over it in Santa Cruz. Not that we'd advocate such a thing. The Standard one is very robust too, comes in some really sick colours and will protect you just as well as its premium brother. It's very easy to install and comes with all the fixings and the key to get it onto your shiny Onewheel XR.

Here's how: