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Sku: WBOYJF-10
Vendor: Rip Curl

The Rip Curl Flashbomb Boot is probably the most popular winter wetsuit boot on the market. The super-soft flexible neoprene means getting them on and off is a breeze and they feel super comfortable when on.

They feature Rip Curls flash dry lining which works by having a high pile fluffy lining for the water to be wicked away from your skin as quickly as possible. These boots use air as the insulator vs water which means you should have nice toasty feet.

Once you get out, they dry super quick so when you go in for the second surf of the day you are only putting slightly soggy boots which is a welcome relief from the normal boots without the flash linings.

7mm Round Toe
Flash Lined
Stitchless Compression Strap
Supersoft sole